Website Building Courses & Tutorials Exclusively for Teaching Professionals to Offer Their Services & Programs

For teaching professionals who focus on offering niche-specific quality services
and seek to have their own online business

This is for you if:

  • You teach or want to teach online and need to build a landing page, a full website, or an automated courses platform.
  • You have no idea how or where to start making a website.
  • You have little or no experience in website building.
  • You don’t know what services and tools are the best to use.
  • You want to save time and money by following easy step-by-step DIY videos at your own pace and paying only for the necessary services as you grow your business.
  • You want support from someone who understands your business; a tech expert and business English teacher.
  • You are willing to invest only the necessary time and money to build your website.

Start-Up Courses

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A. Introduction & Road Map

Learn how to start and scale your own teaching business.

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B. Start Teaching Today!

Start your own online teaching business for free.

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You will learn how to:

  • Install and configure all the necessary tools to build your website.
  • Create a professional email address for your domain name.
  • Design your own logo.
  • Choose a good domain name for your website.
  • Select the right colors and fonts.
  • Create and design your pages.
  • Create and design your blog page and posts.
  • Optimize your website for good performance.
  • Improve your design.

Website Building Courses

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Start With a Landing Page

Start with an effective page to welcome your (potential) clients.

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Make a Full Website

Set up, configure, design, create your own professional ELT website.

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Build a Courses Platform

Scale your business. Create and sell your programs in autopilot.

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